Free Books for Kids is back at BIG W!

In a new chapter of exciting adventures, BIG W has announced the return of its beloved Free Books for Kids program in all stores and BIG W’s audio Podcast from today, Thursday 21 April.

With over 2.4 million books from the popular Mr. Men Little Miss Series given away to help spread the love of storytime amongst Aussie families,

Families can collect eight titles from the iconic Mr. Men Little Miss series, dropping in BIG W stores weekly each Thursday, including Little Miss Magic, Mr. Bounce, Little Miss Wise, Mr. Tall, Little Miss Happy, Mr. Cheerful, Little Miss Curious and Mr. Nonsense.

The retailer is also donating an additional 38,000 Mr. Men Little Miss books to Good360 to support families and schools in need, with an emphasis on flood impacted communities.

For more information visit While stocks last.