MEET BESKAR #fortheloveoflocal

With over 25 years experience between them as collectors and purveyors, Peter & Talitha know EVERYTHING about Pop Culture. To start with they have over 1500 different POP's in-store and that's only the start! They also sell movie figurines, posters, anime, rare and hard to find movies, swords, movie replicas and dolls (not Barbie...Chucky & Annabelle from the Conjuring!).

But that's not all they do. Beskar (A pop culture reference to Mandalorian steel in Star Wars) also have a VHS transfer service. All the dusty VHS tapes you have sitting in the cupboard can be turned into DVD or USB for nostagic viewing.

Unsuprisingly they've had some interesting requests and purchases. Peter tells me, "Lifesize Gremlin puppets fly out the door, and we have had lots of requests for lifesize Annabelle dolls." They've also been asked if they can source a lifesize Chucky doll. They can. 

To contact the Beskar team click here