Meet Sarah #fortheloveoflocal

Starting as a junior staff member at Baker's Delight Dapto and earning a bit of pocket money, to becoming the Franchisee, Sarah's customers have always supported and encouraged her ventures in taking over the family business.

Sarah sees so much community spirit in Dapto, "everywhere you look there are familiar faces, people catching up for coffee or bumping in to old friends. Just the other day my canteen lady from kindergarten and I reconnected at the Bakery!."

"The Bakery is my home and my customers feel like family, Dapto Mall is a very special place for me."

You will often see Sarah brighten up a customers day with a kind word and a smile, "My parents always taught me to treat people as you would like to be treated".

Sarah manages 19 team members, and doesn't mind a bread pun. What's her favourite? "None. They're all crumby."

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