Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It's that time again where we take time to show the special person in our life just how much they mean to us. To help with ideas we've compiled a list of 5 simple, but really very effective, gift ideas to put the WOW in your Valentine's Day gifting this year!

1. Pamper Session 4 Ways.

This is the ulimate gift (as who doesn't LOVE being pampered) and shows your loved one their wellbeing is of the highest importance to you.

The ulimate Pamper Session 4 Ways includes 1x massage, 1x manicure, 1x pedicure and 1x pamper gift box. Try Massage World or Sunny Life Massage for a massage voucher, Pearl Nails for manicure & pedicure gift vouchers, and Blooms the Chemist, Coles, Woolworths and Big W for some take home skin care. Trust us, this is one for good-book claiming rights!

2. Romantic Dinner for Two

EVERYONE loves a home made meal. Throw in a fantastic recipe, a good bottle of bubbles and a beautiful scented candle and instantly you've created a romantic dinner for two.

We have a great seafood platter recipe for a lovely balmy night (see here) with all ingredients available from Fish Feast. BWS or Liqourland can help you out with a great bottle of bubbles, and try any number of our retailers for your favourite scented candle. 

3. Classic & Romantic Jewellery

It may seem cliche, yet Jewellery has been a Valentine's Day favourite since the dawn of romantic time, and continues to prove a favourite gift idea for true romantics.

Visit Darryl Tighe Jewellers, Michael Hill Jewellers and Prouds the Jewellers for lots and lots of inspiration and advice for choosing the perfect piece.

4. Safe (yet VERY effective) gift cards

It may not seem personal on the day, but trust us, once shopping, your loved one will appreciate your thoughtfulness by letting them choose their perfect gift. After all it really is the thought that counts. Simply find their favourite store, purchase gift card, add to very romantic card, add very romantic message and done!

5. Choccies!

Yes, yes we know we've all just gotten over Christmas, but for a simple inexpensive gesture there really is no alternative. Plus, everyone has a favourite. Get that right and your true romantic colours will shine right through.

Happy gifting!