Restrooms & Parents Room Refurbishment

Our ground floor amenities are getting a fresh new look!
We're excited to share that our ground floor amenities (near Darryl Tighe Jeweller) are being refubished to provide a better customer experience.

The new Parents Room will include a todder play space and the new Disabled Toilet will have increased floor space to ensure it better accommodates mobility aids.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which amenities are being refurbished?
- Ground floor Male, Female & Disabled toilets (near Darryl Tighe Jewellers)
- Ground floor Parents Room

Which amenities do we use while these are temporarily closed?
Male & Female Restrooms are located on the Ground floor (near The Shed and Commonwealth Bank) and on Level 1 near Surf Dive n Ski & the Kids Playworld
Disabled Restroom is located on Level 1 near Surf Dive n Ski & the Kids Playworld
Parents Room - Feeding chairs, baby change table & a microwave will be temporarily available on Level 1, between Big W & Suzanne Grae (ex Pop Avenue shop). For toilets, please visit either the Level 1 toilets near the Kids Playworld or the Ground floor (near The Shed & Commonwealth Bank)

When will the amenities near Darryl Tighe Jeweller be temporarily closed?
5 February to 18 March 2024